Vote to Protect Your Job November 8


I encourage you to vote this November 8. Your vote counts whether you are voting for a US Senator or the Mayor of your town. The candidates running for office make decisions that affect your paychecks and benefits. Many election are decided by a small number of votes. If you don’t vote, you don’t have a say.

With our champions in Congress, we have won monumental jobs-creating infrastructure investment, rescued troubled pension plans, empowered union organizing, strengthened Davis-Bacon prevailing wages, and secured prevailing wage standards for federal energy incentives and much, much more.

We need to keep a pro-labor majority in Congress, to protect our victories and build and strengthen our union rights and job opportunities.

Your vote is your choice but I would urge you to consider voting for union-endorsed candidates who will support good jobs with strong labor standards.

Thank you for everything you do make this union strong!