Work Opportunity

Members - Jobs that Come Looking for You

As a member of LIUNA Local 783, you will be contacted and referred to good jobs that fit your skills and experience. LIUNA has partnered with some of the largest energy and construction contractors. You will have access to top-notch, no-cost training classes— from safety to new construction techniques—led by experienced instructors to advance your construction career. The training and networking opportunities we provide help many members go on to become foremen, superintendents, and construction company owners. With our health and welfare plan, you, your spouse, and your dependents will get access to high-quality health coverage that follows you from job to job and employer to employer. In addition to regular wages, members earn vacation contributions for every hour worked which can be used for year-end expenses or emergencies and for every hour of covered work, your employer makes a contribution to a pension plan that provides a steady and reliable defined benefit, allowing you to enjoy your retirement years.