Health & Retirement

Health & Retirement

Local 783 members and signatory contractors have access to health and retirement benefit plans that provide security to employees and their families at rates that employers can afford. The Liuna 783 Laborers Health & Welfare and Pension plans are managed jointly by union and employer representatives. 

Family Health Care 

Union Laborers, spouses, and dependents get access to high-quality health coverage that follows the member from job to job and employer to employer through the Liuna 783 Health & Welfare Plan.

Local 783 members working under the union’s Liuna 783 agreements are eligible for comprehensive family health coverage after completing

Retire in Style with Generous Pension Benefits

When you work as a union Laborer, your employer invests in your future so that you have the opportunity to prosper and retire well. For every hour of covered work, your employer makes a contribution to a pension plan that provides a steady and reliable defined benefit, allowing you to enjoy your retirement years.