Mike Quevedo Sr. College Scholarship for Members' Children

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The Mike Quevedo Sr. Scholarship Fund has been awarding scholarships to children of the members of the Laborer’s Union in Southern California for the past 26 years. These scholarships are intended to assist these young people with the cost of their college education.

The scholarship fund honors the legacy left by Mike Quevedo Sr. who in 1926, at the age of 16, came to Los Angeles. In 1940, Mike, Sr. started his career in the construction industry and during World War II, he served as a labor relations representative for the Latino workers in the San Pedro shipyard. In 1950 he was elected to the Executive Board of Laborers Local #300 and was soon elected Secretary Treasurer. In 1959, Mike Sr. became the first Latino to be elected Business Manager of Laborers Local 300.

Mike Sr. was one of Organized Labor’s pioneers who believed it important to provide all the support possible towards the betterment of our young people, our local communities; and, our country as a whole. His desire was to see that dependents of members of the Southern California Laborers’ Union would have the opportunity to a secondary education.

The Southern California District Council of Laborers carries on that dream today by awarding scholarships to those dependents, thus ensuring Mike’s dream is kept alive. In 2021, the Mike Quevedo Sr. Scholarship Fund awarded 80 students scholarships totaling $350,000.00, a feat of which Mike would be extremely proud.

SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST RULES General rules & instructions for the Southern California District Council of Laborers Mike Quevedo, Sr. Scholarship Fund Awards 2022-2023 school year.

Scholarships will be awarded to the sons and daughters of members of those Laborers local unions participating as sponsors of the Mike Quevedo Sr. Scholarship Fund and affiliated with the Southern California District Council of Laborers

These scholarships must be used for study at any accredited U.S. College, U.S. University, a certified vocational trade school, or a certified Institution. The Mike Quevedo Sr. Scholarship Fund will not impose restrictions of any kind on the course of study. Recipients may accept any other grants or awards that do not rule out scholarship aid or other sources. Recipients will be limited to receive only one (1) scholarship from the Mike Quevedo Sr. Scholarship Fund.

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